Windows 7 Slic Loader 2.4.9 Activator Genuine

Windows 7 Slic Loader 2.3.9 – a new activator  for operating systems Windows 7 h86/64 any revisions. Activate your Windows 7 in one click. Activate your copy of windows 7, all edition or uninstall all crack (bootmgr, bootloader or key / cert) in one click.

For operating systems:
• Windows 7 Ultimate x86 & x64
• Windows 7 Professional x86 & x64
• Windows 7 Home Premium x86 & x64
• Windows 7 Home Basic x86 & x64
• Windows 7 Starter x86
• Windows Server (R) 2008 Standard x86 & x64
• Windows Server (R) 2008 Enterprise x86 & x64
• Windows (R) Small Business Server 2008 x86 & x64
• Windows Vista Ultimate x86 & x64
• Windows Vista Business x86 & x64
• Windows Vista Home Premium x86 & x64
• Windows Vista Home Basic x86 & x64
• Windows Vista Starter x86
• Quick installation (since based on WMI script).
• One file.
• Small size (since based on. NET Framework 2.0).
• Bootloader are randomly renamed and so uninstall of old ldr not necessary.
• Slic can be added to the bootmgr (not recommended).
• Option Cert & Slic together for OEM installation.
• Cert can be installed / replaced only.
• The key can be changed.
• The option to add your customized OEM information and logos.
• The option to back up and restore your license.
• The default auto-select the beginning of a better mode of activation, slic, cert and key.
Basic Info:
OEM (Certificate & Key) install only where bios already (or modded) contains slic 2.1
Add slic 2.1 to Bootloader (0.97 grldr customised by Zsmin for me) with option (Default, Alternative, Low Memory, Debug, Forceful)
- Default option allows auto-detect best method where possible
- Alt method relocates SLIC, RSDT, XSDT and RSD PTR to low memory
- Low memory method relocates SLIC to low memory
- Forceful mode tries to activate on systems where some checks don’t complete successfully, may cause problems.
- Debug mode allows view to process behind bootloader.
Add option to install GUID Path (Thanks to PAYMYRENT) or Mount method.
Add Security to bootloader (Read Access only and are randomly named to avoid detection.)
Add slic 2.1 to Bootmgr (No grldr means less time to boot, not recommended).
Certificate install where you want to replace certificate only.
Key install where you want to replace key only.
OEM Slic detection with matching OEM Key if possible. (You can always choose different OEM Key available or own custom key)
Check incorrect custom key.
Detects SLIC version (Thanks to MasterDisaster) and then autoselect best activation mode.